The company

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Individual, scalable and high profitable online marketing systems.


With a highly motivated team of 8 specialists we orchestrate and maximize every discipline of online marketing, lead generation and marketing automation.

Clients are our partners and we guide them from idea to a flourishing business with concepts that go way beyond basic optimization tactics.

Google Agency


Founded: 2007
Employees: 8
Legal form: GmbH
Headquater: Zürich (Switzerland)
Manager: Rico van Voornveld
Certificate: Google Premium Partner

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  • Entrepreneurial

    Every action we take aims to increase our partner companies power. By working 100% success based we always follow the partners targets too.

  • Result driven

    Performance is key for our work. We plan, measure, optimize in short lean iterations to get the best results in every single project.

  • Innovative

    We use newest technologies to build stunning solutions that makes our work more efficient and ongoing maximize partners revenue.

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